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It's time to upgrade your motorcycle and take control of your ride like never before with the F.U. Shift Linkage from Nasty Baggers! This shift linkage kit is made with quality materials that make installation a breeze, so you can quickly get back on the road and show those around you what you're made of. Say F.U. to the rest and customize your motorcycle with the best: a shift linkage that's designed for performance, precision and power.


  • Includes high-quality rods allowing for easy adjustment, easy installation, and smooth operation
  • Made of A36 mild steel, ensuring strength and durability
  • Available in chrome or powder coat
  • The perfect addition for any motorcycle apparel lover

If you're looking for the ultimate custom shift linkage that looks and performs like no other, then look no further than Nasty Baggers' F.U. Shift Linkage! Whether you're a motorcycle apparel enthusiast or just someone who wants to upgrade their ride, this shift linkage is the perfect way to add some attitude and power to your motorcycle for an unforgettable experience every time you hit the open road! Get ready for an adventure with unrelenting performance and unforgettable style with shift linkages from Nasty Baggers.

*NOTE: Please allow 1 - 4 weeks for delivery and 4-8 weeks for delivery for custom parts

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